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Polly VanderWoudePolly VanderWoude
My husband and I welcomed our daughter Olivia joyfully into this world on August 25, 2010. She appeared to be a happy, healthy newborn and for two months, she was. On October 24 our lives were forever changed when our sweet girl began having seizures. The next day, we learned why. Olivia was diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome, an extremely rare and random genetic mutation. Her brain did not form properly, and in addition to other physical and developmental challenges we were told to expect Olivia to have seizures every day. EVERY DAY. And - with rare exception - she has. I cannot describe to you how helpless we feel as her parents. The types of seizures Olivia has – Infantile Spasms - are notoriously difficult to control. All we can do is hold her and comfort her. She has tried 8 medicines and the ketogenic diet, and last September had a vagus nerve stimulator implanted - all to no avail.

CURE has given us reason to hope when no doctor has. The belief that epilepsy can be cured is so foreign in the medical community. The options for treatment for Olivia's seizure types are so few. Our only hope is through the dedication and commitment of the research community, we can someday offer our sweet girl a CURE.


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My son Britton and I are on a journey
to raise awareness of and research money for epilepsy. Epilepsy has impacted Britton and our family since his birth. Our journey with CURE has led to ever increasing engagement as research leads to HOPE for a CURE.

I am honored to be working as the Corporate Chair for the Mother’s Day Campaign and encourage you to review the sponsorship opportunities here.

Jane Gannaway
Jane P. Gannaway
Vice President of Engineering
YUM! Brands, Inc., China Division
TCWTCWWells Fargo