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In an effort to increase the presence of epilepsy research in University Seminar Series and Grand Rounds across the globe, and in an effort to increase the number of young researchers and clinicians exposed to epilepsy research, CURE is pleased to sponsor a University based Invited Lectureship Program. Epilepsy seminars hosted in all types of institutional seminar series will be considered (e.g. Neuroscience Seminar Series, Neurology, Bioengineering, Biomedical Sciences, Computer Sciences, etc.).

Each CURE-sponsored lectureship will provide financial support up to $2,000* for:

  • Travel of one epilepsy investigator to an institution for an up to 2-night visit
  • Meal with speaker and students/post-docs/fellows
  • Meal with speaker, faculty and post-docs.
  • Research seminar and associated costs

*For seminars in North America. Foreign travel requires prior approval
and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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Completed applications should be emailed to

Seminar Series

Goal of the program:
To expose young researchers and clinicians to exciting epilepsy research and provide opportunities for young investigators to interact with a senior level epilepsy researcher.