Our incredible team of researchers continue to persevere through a pandemic, understanding that theirs is a mission that must not be stopped.

At CURE Epilepsy, we match this determination by remaining steadfast in our support of finding a cure. Recognizing that we are a critical source of funding for our community, we have continued fundraising and awarding grants to accelerate epilepsy research. And when other funding sources were cut because of COVID-19, we created our new Continuity Fund to fill financial gaps for epilepsy researchers.

For many of us, life has felt on hold as we distance, quarantine, and limit our exposure, but we’ve proven that epilepsy research is a priority. We work every day for our loved ones who can’t escape this devastating disease, giving them hope with each new discovery, clinical trial, and treatment.

To further increase the reach of our research, we are proud to announce a new strategic partner in the fight to end epilepsy. Founded in 1966, Epilepsy Canada shares in our commitment to advance epilepsy research to find a cure. By partnering together, we will have more opportunities to identify and fund cutting-edge research from around the world. We will also create efficiencies and strategically target our financial resources for greater impact.

In a challenging year, you showed us unwavering support, allowing us to continue leading critical research for the epilepsy community. Please know that the new discoveries, partnerships, grants, and opportunities we celebrate in this issue are possible because of you. Because we can count on you, our community can count on us to find a cure.

Donor List

We are profoundly grateful to the thousands of individuals and organizations who, with a gift to CURE Epilepsy, helped advance epilepsy research and our mission to find a cure. While space limits us to print only some of these donors, our gratitude is limitless. Thank you.


The Cameron Boyce Foundation
Debra Cafaro and Terrance Livingston
Lisa and Michael Cotton
Shery Cotton
Greenwich Biosciences
Grosvenor Capital Management
Ann G. and James B. Ritchey Foundation


Bank of America
Bloomberg Philanthropies
The Kenneth C. Griffin Charitable Fund
Ravichandran Foundation
Select Equity Group Foundation
Glen and Patricia Tullman


Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
Susan and Stephen Austin
Susan and David Axelrod
Ellen Benninghoven and Michael Schafer
Kimberly Borden
Eileen and Jack Connors
Crown Family Philanthropies
The Shurl and Kay Curci Foundation
Development Specialists, Inc.
Anne Finucane and Mike Barnicle
Matthew and Carrie Garman
Jerome Foundation
Carol Jones and Thomas Hynes
Michele and Howard Kessler
Deborah Kirshner and Paul Heldman
Mass General Brigham
Isaiah Stone Foundation
Suffolk Cares Foundation
The Pritzker Traubert Foundation
UCB, Inc.
Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz


AKPD Message and Media LLC
Anonymous Fund at East Texas
Communities Foundation
Sarah and Paul Auvil
Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum &
Nagelberg LLP
Louann Benbow
Joel and Lisa Benenson Foundation
Bergstein Family Foundation
Nancy Calcagnini
Liane Kupferberg Carter and Marc Carter
Lucy and Brian Conboy
Dara and John Corkery
Nancy and Sean Cotton
Cozen O’Connor
Shalee and Blake Cunneen
CVS Corporation
John Del Cecato
The Driscoll Foundation as recommended
by Elizabeth and Edwin Hlavka
Eisai Inc.
Howard Gottlieb
Karen and Larry Grisolano
Julia and Albert Hofeld
Estate of Karen Jo Haldeman
Celia and Daniel Huber

The Estate of John and Mildred Winchell
Hubiak in memory of Christopher Donalty
Irish Woods Foundation
Jenner & Block LLP
Lois and Aaron Johnson
Barbara Kelly
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Burks Lapham
The Steve Mason Family
McKinsey & Company
Randy Mehrberg and Michele Schara
Suzu and David Neithercut
Cheri and James Niewiara
Evelyn Nussenbaum and Fred Vogelstein
Mariana and Joe Parke
Stacey and John Pigott
PNC Bank
Judy Pomeranz
Richard and Linda Price
J.B. and M.K. Pritzker
John Ray
Molly Reinhart
Lori Rotskoff and Michael Canter
Kathryn Ruemmler
SK Life Science Inc.
Sunshine Foundation
The University of Chicago
White Family Fund


Ann and Doug Benschoter
David Binder Research
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Conagra Brands
Kate and Matthew Cooper
Traci DeAngelis
Ellen and Scott Diamond
Mary I. Doran
Rahm and Amy Emanuel
Theo Epstein
Kay and Karl Fricke
Alan and Virginia George
Robert and Mary Catherine Gibbs
Dema Hadi
Linda Kaplan and The Wiliam
and Mildred Kaplan Foundation
Gardiner and Nick Lapham
Estate of Glenn F. Leiter
Evelyn Lincourt Charitable Fund
Cory and Debbie Lipoff
Barrington Lopez
Daina Lyons and Forrest Claypool
Kathleen and Doug Martin
Kathy and John McKenna
Mesirow Financial
The Oak Foundation

Osprey Foundation
Jim and Margie Pines
Anna and Raymond Pitera
Polly and Kenneth Rattner
Paula Robinson-Doyle and James Doyle
Jennifer and Jeffrey Robinson
The Roche Family Foundation, Inc.
Irene Rosenfeld and Richard Illgen
Bettylu and Paul Saltzman
SC Benjamin Foundation
Christina and Zac Schneider
Matthew and Marjorie Schneider
Schuler Family Foundation
Kristin and Andrew Seaborg
Lisa and Randy Siegel
Richard Silveria
Andrea and Martin Singer
Julie and Dave Stout
Television Bureau of Advertising Inc.
The Walsh Foundation;
Patti and Dan Walsh
Frederick and Cate Waddell
Angela Byrd and Eric Weil
White & Case LLP
Whitten Newman Family
Connie Wishner
Tom and Heather Wurzer
Zogenix, Inc.


Loretta and Walter Anderson
Cindy and Elvin Angulo
The Apple Lane Foundation
Jeffrey Boutilier
Sara and David DeCoste
Nicholas DeVore
Julia and Richard Diasio
Kathy and Bob Dodd
Stacy Dodd
Alison Donalty and Chris Hampson
Jeanne and Barry Donalty
Joanna Edgell
Erin and Justin Foley
Russell Fradin
Albert and Suzanne Friedman
Mary and Gene Gager
Jackie and Al George
Susan Graham
Kim and Alan Hartman
Henry’s Heroes Foundation Inc.
Vicki Heyman and
the Honorable Bruce Heyman
James Horvitz
Susan and Jules Kaufman
Katie Kitchen and Paul Kovach

Radha Krishnan
Donna La Pietra and Bill Kurtis
Toby and Greg Lewis
Cecil and Karen Loyd
Andrea Mathews
McCullough Family Foundation
Hanne and John Messerich
Matthew and Elissa Moore
Alyson and Patrick Nash
Lee and Herman Ostrow
Family Foundation
Michele and Mark Patterson
Rebecca Anhang Price and
Matthew Price
Julie and Robert Ramirez
Caroline and Dierk Reuter
Fred and Kathleen Robinson
Rush University Medical Center
Rob Saltiel
Sidley Austin LLP
Erik Smith and Edith Gregson
Katharine and Edwin Smith
Alan Solow and Andrea Lavin Solow
Chris and Carl Stamp
Storment Family Fund
Vicki Taylor-Roskopf
Ren and Suzanne Umeda


Nilesh Acharya
Matt Acuna
Ahee Jewelers
Craig and Heidi Albert
Paula and David Allbeck
Ethan Axelrod and Jenna Kalin
Lisa and Timothy Bazemore
Terry Behrle-Mohs and Richard Mohs
Cheryl Beil
Mark Bisnow
Barbara Brackenridge
Linda Burtwistle
Sally and John Cardamone
Steven Casey
Bette and Bruce Cerf Hill
Chicago White Sox
Michael and Jane Clark
Patrick and Suzanne Coffey
Cheryl and Russell Cohen
Eileen Cohen
Patricia Collins and Gordon Greenberg
Denise and Vincent Comparato
Catherine and Joe Conti
Sarah and William Cool
Laura Coulter and David Reifman
Stella and Roger Craig
Mary Louise Crane-Ryan
Elizabeth and Jim Cross Bridges
Pat and James Cunneen
The Cupid Chase
Karen Daly
Nancy-Ann DeParle
Yssa DeWoody
Carl Donnelly
Kelly Dougherty
Jillian Dryfoos
Michael and Marty Dwyer
Emeritus, Ltd.
Carla and Ed Engelbrecht
Epilepsy Alliance Louisiana
John and Sally Filan
Julia Filan
Veronica Finkel
Cherissa Fischer
Sharon Flaim
Lynn Fleisher and John Roberts
Sarah and Fred Flosi
The Fountainhead Group
Mary Fox
Alan Frankel
Mary Frey and William Bennett
Jennifer and Kenneth Fruehauf
Kathryn Furman
Marilynn and Patrick Gardner
Lois and Dennis Gates
Janice Gault
Roger Gay
Edward Gelles
Caren Gerszberg
Lisi and Rob Gheewalla
Sherina Girardi
Cindy and Brian Gorczynski
Jane Greenfield
Terri and Gary Grefer
Carolyn Grisko
Lisa Gustavson
Hakluyt & Company (North America) Ltd
Deborah and James Hardin
Kimberly Hare
Joan W. Harris Charitable Fund
Michelle and John Hart
Erica Hawthorne
Marilyn Hayden
Anne and Robert Hendrix
Nora Hennessy
Kay Henrichs
Karen and Mark Hermelin
Kathleen Hickey
Lynne and Bill Higgins
Raymond Hirsch
Hobbs Family
Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects
Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman
Barbara Hoggan
Terry Hong
Katherine and Kevin Hooper
Elizabeth and Christopher Huff
John Huguenard
Janet and David Hyland
Mickey and Lorraine Jaffe
Ann and John Jentz
Sheri and Mark Jessell
Edward Johnson
Kathy and Arthur Judd
Kaplan Rosenow Family Foundation
Jessica and Glen Kaufman
Barb Keller
Melinda and Walter Kelly
Robert and Susan Kelly
Deborah Kiley
Howard and Claudia Koh
Cathy Kopf
Paul and Nancy Kurland

Lanin Family Fund
David and Erin Laslow
David and Laura Laslow
Bill Lauzon
Legacy Wealth Management Group
of Wells Fargo
Mary and Larry Liebscher
Jeffrey Loeb
Jacqueline Logan and Whitney Magruder
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Long
Laura Lubbers and Trent Buck
Susan and John Lynch
Christine Madden
Martin and Francesca Marciniak
Marino Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Donald and Kim Matthews
McMullen and Kime Family
Charitable Fund
Mercedes-Benz of Des Moines
Krysia and Michael Miller
Janice and Ken Milnes
Mode Project
Cecilia Molick Nish and Jim Molick
Stephen Moore
David Morrisey
Kathleen and John Morrissey
Jane Moses
Caroline Moyer
Katherine and James Mutchnik
Beth and Mark Myers
Sara and Patrick Nash
Kristin and Mark Nelson
John and Stephanie Nish
Maureen O’Connor
Dorothy Osborn
Kelley and Sean Owen
PJ Panganiban
Deborah Peacock and Nathan Korn
Peter Perkins
Pledgeling Foundation
Mary and Walter Pratt
Melissa and Steve Quick
Joanne Radice-Rahaim
Richard and Alba Raskin
Priscilla and Russell Rose
Benjamin Ross
Laura and David Ross
Mary Kay and Raymond Rossi
Barbara Rothway
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rotskoff
Liz & Jason Roudabush
Paul and Ann Rutecki
Lori Sapio
Martha Sayre
Darrell Scherbarth
Robin Schirmer and John Bouman
Susan and James Schneider
School District of Greenfield
Gene Schoon
Marty and Jamie Schrero
Schultz Controls Inc.
The Sexton Family Foundation
Carol and John Showel
Julie and Brian Sikkema
Jacob Silver
Richard and Karen Solle Foundation
Marilyn and Julius Sparacino
Ann and Christopher Stack
Cynthia Stack
Scott Stackman
Paige Stephan
Erica and Jed Stern
Linda and Donald Stewart
John Stubbs
Nancy and Stephen Summers
Eileen and Thomas Sutula
Lauren Swager
Robert and Kim Swidler
SynergEyes Cares
Susan and Dit Talley
Chris Thome and Colleen Kenyon
Joseph and Margaret Tilson
Mike Turner
Brian Tweedie
Mandy and William Vadbunker
Polly and Dan VanderWoude
Robert Vanecko
Mike Vihon
Medita Vucic
Bruce Watrous
Barbara Weade and Michael Goc
Bruce and Suzette Wedel
Sanford Weinstein
Travis Wellman
John and Holly Whetstone
Vera Whipple
Whiskey River Charitable Foundation
Laura and Bruce White
Steve and Kathryn White
Wendy and Scott Whittaker
Seth and Deb Wohlberg
Ann Wolf



Cara Abercrombie and David Freccia
Donald Abrams
Michael Abrams
Debbie and Carl Adams
Megan Allen
Allied Mineral Products
Dorothy Granata Amado and
Mitchell Amado
Mary Anglin
Anonymous (8)
C. Kent Argenta
Philip Askenazy and Wendy Hansen
John and Regina Balzano
Lindsey Barile
John Becker and Karen Smith Fund
Karen and Erik Berkman
Ellen Berne and Paul Needle
Adam and Suzy Biehl
Mary and Bill Boehler
Helen Boen
Patricia Brady and Robert Smith
Nancy Brandon
Debbie and Tim Braxmeyer
Miriam Buckley
Gary Cadez
Michael Caprile
Kelly and Miguel Cervantes
CEU Technologies, Inc.
Daniel Chang
Stefanie and Chase Chavin
City Kids Inc.
CJR Foundation, Inc.
Kathryn Celeste Coats
Donna and Dennis Coggins
Jonathan Cohen
Paul Cohen
Kara Conry
Richard Cooper
Pam and John Cullerton
Jack Cunneen
Douglas and Meghan Dahl
Beth and Michael Dean
June and Stan Dean
Jennifer DeBower
David and Elizabeth DeBruin
Matthew Decker
Judith Desenis and E. Scott Peterson
Jane and John DeWitt
John and Jennifer Doran
Dean and Sarah Duncan
Douglas Dybzinski
Bryan Engler
Jackie and Bogdan Ewendt
Daniel Fallon
Jeff and Jana Fillbach
Izabela Fitts
Charlotte Ford
Jason Foster
Carol and C. Bernard Fulp
George Furtado
Gamma Sigma Sigma of UTK
Bonnie Garrick
Lily and Roberto Garza
Suzanne Gaumond
Mary and Pasquale Genco
Elizabeth Gerard
Valerie and Joseph Golbus
Gary and Bonnie Goldberg
Joseph Goodman
Stephen Graf
Bonnie and Robert Graham
Eliana Green
Patricia and Rich Green
Barbara and Fred Greenstein
Michael and Nettie Greenstein
Cecilia Griffin
Jason Griffin
Sandra and Jonathan Grindlay
Constance and E. Wayne Grogan
Eric Gunzelman
Marjorie Halperin and Alan Robinson
James Colin Harding
Patricia and Paul Hartnett
Lauren and Scott Henkin Fund of the
Jewish Communal Fund
Aaron Hopewell
Howard Horton
Thomas and Nancy Hughes
Marnie and Chuck Hulan
Diane Huntley
Rich and Virginia Hyland
Infuse Hospitality
Martha Jacob and Richard Campbell
James Jalbert
Shannon Janney
Anne and Jeffrey Katz
Katie Keenan
Connie and Bruce Kinnison
Henrik Klitgaard
Jeff Knupp
Phyllis and David Kupperman
Diane and Nicholas Lahowchic
Roderick Landreth
Jennifer Lattner
Jay and Ruth Lenrow
Jodie Levin-Epstein

Nathan Little
Lesley Lloyd
James and Rose Loesher
Greg Long
Stephanie Lowell and Gregg Duthaler
Daniel Lowenstein
Lynne Manna-Fisher and Scott Fisher
David Mark and Jean D’Amico
Cameron Martin
Reynold Martin
Stephanie Martin
Kevin McAnneny
Donna McCaffrey
Alexie and Bobbi McCarthy
Abbie McConnell
Pamela McIntyre
Peggy and Mike Meagher
Sandra and Andrew Merrill
Carole and Jude Metcalfe
Deborah and Jeremy Michaels
Laura and Charles Miller
Angie and Dave Mimms
Paolo Morante and Brigid Doherty
Jon Morris
Mary Morrissey
Harold and Carole Moskowitz
Susan and Gene Myers
Barbara Napoli
Patrick and Sara Nash
Linda Nolten
Douglas and Joanne Nordli
Roy O’Neil
Veronica and Billy Ocasio,
National Puerto Rican Museum
Eleanor and Allan Odden
Susan Olsen
OneHope Foundation
Pacers Sports and Entertainment
Thomas and Deborah Page
Francesca Passudetti and
Martin Marciniak
Polly Piland
Joyce Plyler and Mark Horoschak
Karin Popkin
Sean Power
Kelly Powers
Richard Prager
Harrison Price
Joan and David Pritchard
Anne Quinn
Donald Raab
Patti and Kenneth Raskin
Debra Rigney-Hays
Heidi Robbins
Judy and James Roediger
Vickie Rooda
Jessica Rosini
Kenny Jacob Rudin Memorial Foundation
Leslie Rutkowski
Biff Ruttenberg and Gwen Callans
Paul Sabini
Christine Salmi
Phillip and Christiane Salvador
Julie and Bob Sauer
Vicki and Allen Saxon
Margaret Scanlan Brown
Jennifer and Joshua Schafer
Jan Schakowsky and Robert Creamer
Diane Scherbarth
Natali Scherbarth
Erin Scherbinske
Robert and Nancy Sheets
Emily Sheridan
Lynn Shesser and Gary Falk
David Simmons
Carmen and John Skilton
Carol Slazyk
Mark Slevin
Cathleen and Michael Smith
Douglas Smith
Mary Smith
Ashley Smithson
Daryl Spencer
Lolita and Mark Spiro
Joseph and Augusta Stanislaw
Donald Taylor
Patricia and Donald Taylor
Jeff and Bonnie Tobias
Thomas Tobin
Caryl Kawalsky Uzelac and Nikola Uzelac
Ronald and Leona Van Den Bussche
Vocatura, Spagnuolo & Company, PC
Richard L. and Lois S. Werner
Family Foundation
D Fonde and J Steven Werts
Gail Wheeler
Stephanie and Thomas Winter
Jori and Michael Witt
Sharon and Lawrence Wsol
Luda Sorin, MD and Kevin Yuda
Joan Zajeski
The Zealous Root
Maureen and Peter Zeller
Corinne Zola
James Zouras



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