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Phil Emery

Board Member

Phil Emery has more than 30 years' experience managing football teams, most recently as General Manager of the Chicago Bears. He played an integral role in the Bears (1998-2004), Atlanta Falcons (2004-08) and Kansas City Chiefs (2009-11) organizations for over 14 seasons within their college scouting departments. Emery helped develop a successful foundation at each franchise.

The Michigan native started his career as a student assistant at Wayne State, his alma mater. Phil and his wife, Beth, have three daughters: Kristine; Leigh Anne; and April, who suffers from uncontrollable epilepsy.

Emery got involved with CURE because epilepsy has profoundly affected not only his daughter April, but everyone in his family. According to Emery, during his daughter’s entire life he and his wife have been forced to make tough decisions in the darkness, and he believes that CURE will be able to shed light on the answers that all parents of children with epilepsy so desperately seek.


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