Living and Thriving with Epilepsy

Epilepsy patient, counselor, and author Jon Sadler discusses living with epilepsy for more than 50 years and how his experiences have shaped his perspective on epilepsy and informed his efforts to become a counselor and help fellow patients and caregivers.

Finding Balance: Managing Epilepsy and Work

For many people, their 20’s are an exciting time of personal and professional growth.  It may be the first time you’re on your own, beginning a career and making new friends. Your world is a mix of social activities and work responsibilities. You are young, ambitious, and in the prime of your life.  Then, out of nowhere, you have a seizure, and find yourself navigating a new world of doctors, neurologists, tests, and medications in an effort to balance epilepsy with your busy life.

Lauren Panco was 26 years old, in the midst of a promising career with a fast-growing company, engaged to be married, and enjoying a busy professional and social lifestyle when she suddenly suffered a seizure. On this week’s Seizing Life®, Lauren, now 32, discusses the disturbing initial diagnosis she received, her concerns about the impact of epilepsy on her career, and how she has navigated workplace challenges with a determination not to allow epilepsy to define her. Lauren also offers advice for communicating with employers and co-workers and making the decision to have a baby as a woman with epilepsy.