Day of Science Survey


How did you hear about the CURE Epilepsy Day of Science event?
What did you enjoy most about the CURE Epilepsy Day of Science event? Do you have suggestions for improving the experience for future attendees?
What CURE Epilepsy resources would you be interested in receiving more information about (click all that apply)?
Future Day of Science eventsLeaders in Epilepsy Research Webinar SeriesThe Education Enrichment Fund Scholarship Program
CURE Epilepsy Champion EventsThe Seizing Life PodcastEpilepsy Research News
What areas of epilepsy research are you most interested in learning more about (click all that apply)?
Acquired EpilepsyAdult-Onset EpilepsyCBDPediatric EpilepsyPost-Traumatic Epilepsy
GeneticsInfantile SpasmsTherapiesSUDEP
What is your relationship to epilepsy?
I have epilepsyMy family member has epilepsyMy family member died of a condition associated with epilepsyI am a veteran with epilepsyI am an epilepsy researcher or clinicianI want to volunteer