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The Grant Process

Every grant submitted to CURE goes through a rigorous scientific review process. Each application is evaluated based on scientific merit, relevance to CURE's mission, innovation, feasibility, and likelihood to be transformative.

1. Vision Setting

CURE's research vision is set by the CURE Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board, and CURE Research Team, and implemented by the Research Team and CURE Staff.

2. Request for Proposal (RFP)

RFPs are born out of CURE's Strategic Vision and outline the research topic areas and requirements for the grant year.

3. Letter of Intent

LOIs are short letters from potential CURE grantees that succinctly and clearly describe their proposed research project and its relevance to CURE's mission.

4. LOI Review

LOIs are reviewed and scored by the Research Team and scientific peers by criteria outlines in the RFPs. Applicants with the most relevant and exciting LOIs are invited to submit full proposals.

5. Full Proposal Stage

Applicants whose LOIs are invited will submit full grant proposals that contain detailed scientific and budget information for the proposed CURE project.

6. Full Proposal Review

Each full grant proposal is reviewed by members of CURE’s Lay Review Council (LRC) and three outside scientific reviewers. The LRC is made up of people with epilepsy and the loved ones of people with epilepsy who have a special interest in finding a cure. Members of the LRC contribute to CURE's grant review process by reading research proposals from a lay perspective, which helps ensure that the stakeholder point of view is critically represented at all stages of the grant review process.

Meet the LRC

Scientific reviewers serve a one-time term on committees that are specially formed for each mechanism each grant review cycle. Grants are then discussed and scored by reviewers. The Research Team tallies scores and makes funding recommendations to the Research Committee based on reviewer scores and committee discussions


7. Research Committee Review

Made up of CURE Board members and volunteers, the Research Committee reviews the Research Team's funding recommendations in detail and evaluates this in light of CURE's vision. The Research Committee then makes a final funding recommendation to the Board of Directors

8. Board of Directors Approval

The CURE Board of Directors has final approval of all grants that are funded by CURE each cycle.

9. Negotiations & Awards

Negotiations are conducted by the Research Staff and CURE Lawyers and awards are paid immediately upon contract signing and every six months thereafter.

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