Episode #70 - From Epilepsy Researcher to Epilepsy Patient: A New Perspective featuring Dr. Steve White


Scientists who choose a career in epilepsy research are critical to CURE Epilepsy’s mission. They become grant recipients, colleagues, friends, heroes, and our hope for the future. However, the lab and clinic can often seem worlds apart for many scientists working in epilepsy research, but for Dr. Steve White, those worlds collided in an unfortunate but impactful way when he was diagnosed with epilepsy following a tonic-clonic seizure.

Today on Seizing Life, we speak with epilepsy researcher, educator, and patient Dr. Steve White. Dr. White is a professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Washington. He has been involved in the field of epilepsy research for over 40 years, is a former CURE Epilepsy grant-recipient, and a current member of the organization’s Scientific Advisory Board. He is also an epilepsy patient, having experienced his first seizure in 2010. Dr. White shares with us his unique perspective on epilepsy, the state of epilepsy research, and the prospects for new discoveries and better treatments for epilepsy patients. Dr. White also discusses what he feels to be the significant accomplishments of epilepsy research, and cites an area where efforts might be improved and accelerated. This episode of the podcast provides a unique perspective on epilepsy and research from an expert who’s seen both sides now.

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    From Epilepsy Researcher to Epilepsy Patient: A New Perspective

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