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March 22, 2023

#112 From Desperation to Hope: The Founding and Future of CURE Epilepsy

Guest: Susan Axelrod and Barbara Kelly

This week on Seizing Life Susan Axelrod, CURE Epilepsy founder, and Barbara Kelly, the founding Research Chair, discuss the past, present, and future of the organization and epilepsy research.

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Epilepsy Research
February 13, 2019

#4 20+ Years of Impact: From the Kitchen Table to Cutting-Edge Research

Guest: Susan Axelrod

CURE Founder Susan Axelrod details how desperation lead her to reshape the epilepsy research and how the field has evolved since her organization began.

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Living with Epilepsy
February 6, 2019

#3 A Mind Unraveled, a Memoir by Kurt Eichenwald

Guest: Kurt Eichenwald

Kurt Eichenwald tells his gripping story about living with intractable epilepsy, as well as what inspired him to write his book A Mind Unraveled.

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Living with Epilepsy
January 22, 2019

#2 Inspiring Kindness and Sparking Friendships Through Empathy

Guest: Lauren Schrero

In this episode, The Nora Project co-founder and executive director, Lauren Schrero discusses how to teach students to be compassionately curious about differences.

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January 22, 2019

#1 Married with Children…with Epilepsy

Guest: Miguel Cervantes

Kelly speaks with her husband, Miguel, about navigating the challenges that come with raising a child with epilepsy and how they keep their marriage going strong.

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Epilepsy and Advocacy
January 22, 2019

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CURE Board Member Kelly Cervantes brings you inspirational and helpful stories about epilepsy, how it impacts lives, and the search for a cure.

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