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March 22, 2023

#112 From Desperation to Hope: The Founding and Future of CURE Epilepsy

Guest: Susan Axelrod and Barbara Kelly

This week on Seizing Life Susan Axelrod, CURE Epilepsy founder, and Barbara Kelly, the founding Research Chair, discuss the past, present, and future of the organization and epilepsy research.

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Epilepsy ResearchTypes of Epilepsy
July 13, 2022

#94 Inflammation’s Role in Epilepsy and How it Might be Prevented

Guest: Dr. Nicholas Varvel

This week on Seizing Life, epilepsy researcher Dr. Nicholas Varvel explains the connection between inflammation and epilepsy, the promising research being done, and the potential treatment.

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FamilyLiving with Epilepsy
June 22, 2022

#93 A Parent’s Guide to Your Child’s Epilepsy Diagnosis and Treatment

Guest: Dr. Doug Nordli

Child neurologist, Dr. Doug Nordli provides a guide for parents of children with epilepsy to help navigate diagnosis, physicians, and treatment decisions.

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Epilepsy ResearchTypes of Epilepsy
June 8, 2022

#92 Epilepsy Stories and the Research Making a Difference

Guest: Patty & Patrick Horan, Dr. Pavel Klein, Lisa Maffie, Barbara Manley, Dr. Nuria Lacuey, Channing Seideman, Dr. Detlev Boison

This week on Seizing Life we present personal stories of three key areas of epilepsy research: Post-Traumatic Epilepsy, SUDEP, and Drug-Resistant epilepsy.

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Living with EpilepsyTypes of Epilepsy
May 25, 2022

#91 Rare Epilepsy: Collaborating for Advocacy, Research, and Community

Guest: Yssa DeWoody

Yssa DeWoody of Ring14 USA and the Rare Epilepsy Network provides a primer on rare epilepsies: what they are, how they are diagnosed and treated, and where to find resources and support.

featured episode
FamilyLiving with Epilepsy
May 11, 2022

#90 Monitoring Mental Health in Kids with Epilepsy

Guest: Madison Berl

We focus on mental health in children and teens with epilepsy. Pediatric neuropsychologist Madison Berl discussers potential issues and what to do.

featured episode
April 27, 2022

#89 A Remarkable Journey to Seizure Freedom Through the Ketogenic Diet

Guest: Jim Abrahams

This week on Seizing Life® Jim Abrahams, creator of some of the biggest comedy films of all-time, shares his son’s troubling and remarkable epilepsy journey to seizure freedom through the ketogenic diet.

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Living with EpilepsyTypes of Epilepsy
April 13, 2022

#88 A Post-Traumatic Epilepsy Journey: Diagnosis Acceptance Leads to Career Helping Others

Guest: Mark DeFee

Mark DeFee shares his years-long journey with post-traumatic epilepsy from his diagnosis following multiple concussions, through his years of denial in college, to his acceptance and efforts to manage his seizures.

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Living with EpilepsyTypes of Epilepsy
March 30, 2022

#87 Finding Solutions and Pursuing Passions with Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

Guest: Channing Seideman

This week on Seizing Life ®, Channing Seideman shares her epilepsy story from her first seizure to a diagnosis of juvenile myoclonic epilepsy and tells us how she found safe ways to continue skiing and horseback riding.

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Epilepsy and AdvocacyLiving with Epilepsy
March 16, 2022

#86 A Young Woman’s Epilepsy Journey of Acceptance, Empowerment, and Advocacy

Guest: Kiara Mowat

This week on Seizing Life college student Kiara Mowat shares her epilepsy journey from her diagnosis in 2018 at age 14 to her first year in college. Hear this personal epilepsy story from an amazing young woman.

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