Seizure Tracker®

Epilepsy Genetics Initiative (EGI) bridges the gap between people with epilepsy, clinicians, and researchers with a centralized database to hold the genetic (exome) data of people with epilepsy. The data will be made available to the patient’s care team to advance research efforts and precision medicine.

As the number of enrollees continues to climb, EGI has partnered with Seizure Tracker®, a free comprehensive web tool that allows patients and physicians to track seizure activity and understand its relationship with epilepsy-related treatments. Seizure TrackerThe patient’s care team can create reports in Seizure Tracker to link the patient’s account to their genetic profile, allowing for more informed treatment decisions. Patients with data in both EGI and Seizure Tracker can now link their data and share it with researchers to advance our understanding of epilepsy.

"EGI is thrilled to enter into this collaboration, which shares scientific data and eases the burden of data entry on families" said Tracy Dixon-Salazar, PhD, CURE's Associate Research Director and Program Director of EGI.

The partnership between EGI and Seizure Tracker makes it easy for people touched by epilepsy to easily share their data with scientists. Sign up for EGI and Seizure Tracker, and link up your accounts today.

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