Kathy McKenna, MBA
Lisa Cotton
Board Chair Elect
Gary Collins
President, Epilepsy Canada
Steve Austin
Board Member
Michael Axelrod
Board Member
Kimberly Borden, MBA
Board Member
Marilynn Kelly Gardner
Board Member
Carrie Garman
Board Member
David Reifman, JD, MA
Board Member
Matt Schneider, JD
Board Member
Hannah Whitten, JD
Board Member
Angélique Bordey, PhD
Yale University School of Medicine
James Cloyd, PharmD
University of Minnesota
Kelly Knupp, MD
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
H. Steve White, PhD
University of Washington
Vicky Whittemore, PhD
NINDS Program Director
Beth Lewin Dean, MPA, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Laura S. Lubbers, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
John Anderluh, MMS
Chief Financial Officer
Priya Balasubramanian, PhD
Associate Director, Research
Alysha Biehl, MS
Senior Director, Development
John Boston
Manager, Video and Graphic Production
Madeline Felipez
Events Manager
Alexandria Granados
Research Manager, Grants
Lauren Harte-Hargrove, PhD
Director, Research
Debby Hecht, MBA
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications
Amy Hilton
Executive Assistant
Brandon Laughlin, MS
Senior Manager, Partnerships and Programs
Amy Maxwell
Operations Assistant, Research
Julia-Kaye Rohlf
Manager, Social Media and Content Management
Satinder Singh, PhD
Researcher in Residence
Isobel Tollenaar
Senior Development Coordinator