Epilepsy is a complex condition which takes many forms. Not only does the diagnosis, cause, and treatment plan vary from person to person, but the impact epilepsy has on individuals, families, and communities is felt in a wide variety of ways.

Greater public knowledge and understanding about epilepsy will lead to more research dollars aimed at finding a cure.

"I became a burden on the people who loved me, as I was the one who they would be constantly worried about."
"I hope that we will find a cure one day, but in the mean time, we have to help the general public understand epilepsy."
"Jenna passed doing what she loved to do; running. It was her passion."
"We do not live our lives focusing on what he cannot do, but on all of the possibilities. The possibility of a cure."
“I have part of my son; I want all of him.”
"In Chris's memory, and for the 3.4 million Americans affected, please give as generously as you can. With more research towards a cure, we can spare other families the heartache and loss we live with every day."
"Our family is grateful for the opportunity to support CURE and channel our feelings of helplessness into working together for a cure."
"Until more research leads to a significant medical breakthrough, it will be tough for anyone to live well with epilepsy."
"We are thankful for organizations like CURE for focusing on research toward finding a cure for epilepsy. CURE provides us, and generations to come, with hope for a brighter future."
Elizabeth's Story
Gen's Story
"We hope and pray that one day, no child will ever need to endure what our little girl has had and will continue to endure."
"The brain is the final frontier that we can and will conquer. With your help, we can find a cure."
"It would be easy to sit back and cry. But we choose to fight our hardest for a cure."
"In CURE, I have found hope for all patients and family members who suffer from epilepsy. CURE is the powerful force needed to make this dream of a cure a reality."
I am uncertain of how epilepsy will influence my future, but it gives me hope that CURE is dedicated to asking the question "How can we cure epilepsy?"