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Targeting Epileptogenic Effects of Subarachnoid Blood in TBI

Dr. Jeffrey Loeb

University of Illinois, Chicago

Exploring Cell-Free DNA from Post Seizure Liquid Biopsies

Jozef Gecz, PhD

University of Adelaide

Abnormal Myelin in Absence Epilepsy: Cause and Functional Impact

Juliet Knowles, MD, PhD

Stanford University

Closed Loop Resynchronization of Epileptic Circuits

Tristan Shuman, PhD

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Cortical Malformations in Pediatric Epilepsy: Towards a Molecular and Cellular Understanding of Focal Cortical Dysplasia

Lakshmi Subramanian, PhD

The Regents of the University of California at San Francisco

Expansion of the Focal Epileptic Network: Identifying Predictors and Therapeutic Targets

Jennifer Gelinas, MD, PhD

Columbia University Medical Center

Vascular Injury, Gliosis & Neurogenesis as Drivers for Post-Traumatic Epilepsy

Harald Sontheimer, PhD

Virginia Tech

Neuropathological Mechanisms of Epileptogenesis in Post-Traumatic Epilepsy

Victoria E. Johnson, MBChB, PhD

University of Pennsylvania

The Role of Extracellular Matrix Injury in Post-Traumatic Epilepsy

Kevin Staley, MD

Harvard Medical School

Identifying Proteomic, Metabolomic and MicroRNA Signatures for Spontaneous Seizures in a Rat Model of Penetrating Ballistic-Like Brain Injury

Kevin Wang, PhD

University of Florida

The BAND Foundation Award

Non-Pharmacological Manipulations Of Sleep And Circadian Rhythms To Prevent Seizures And Sudden Death In Mouse Models Of Refractory Epilepsy

Franck Kalume, PhD

Seattle Children's Hospital

The BAND Foundation Award

Loss Of Function Of The Circadian Molecular Clock May Underlie The Sleep/Epilepsy Relationship

Judy Liu, MD, PhD

Brown University

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