Grants > Orexin Triggers Autonomic Destabilization In SUDEP


CURE Epilepsy Award, Funded by the The Cameron Benninghoven Award

Orexin Triggers Autonomic Destabilization In SUDEP

Kristina Simeone, PhD
Creighton University

Dr. Simeone’s overall goals are to determine a central trigger of SUDEP, identify novel biomarkers to better identify risk for and imminence of SUDEP, and identify a treatment to postpone and ultimately prevent SUDEP. Key events that lead to SUDEP include cardiac and respiratory failure. Failure of these two systems is attributed to a destabilization of the autonomic nervous system. They hypothesize that a neuropeptide is a central lynchpin that over a lifetime gains influence and progressively destabilizes these autonomic cardiorespiratory responses and ultimately results in SUDEP.


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