My Shot at Epilepsy

Support Critical Epilepsy Research

The My Shot at Epilepsy raffle was created to help raise money to fund research to find a cure for epilepsy.

You can still make a difference in the lives of those living with epilepsy by donating to CURE Epilepsy and helping fund science to accelerate research and find a cure for epilepsy.


In Partnership with the Cervantes Family

Miguel Cervantes, star of the Broadway production of Hamilton knows all too well how devastating epilepsy can be. His daughter Adelaide was diagnosed with infantile spasms, a particularly severe form of pediatric epilepsy, at just nine months old. After fighting against seizures for 3 years, Adelaide passed away in October 2019 from an unknown neurodegenerative condition, just days before her fourth birthday.

Miguel and his wife, CURE Epilepsy Board Member and epilepsy advocate Kelly Cervantes, are committed to raising awareness about this complex condition and supporting cutting-edge research through fundraising. They battle epilepsy with unrelenting determination not just in the name of their daughter, but for the 65 million people worldwide who live with this disease and its often-devastating consequences.

Adelaide Cervantes

Adelaide was the beautiful, feisty daughter of Miguel and Kelly Cervantes. She spent nearly her entire life battling seizures after missing some traditional milestones as a baby. Her first seizure happened when she was 7 months old. At 9 months old, Adelaide was diagnosed with infantile spasms.

Her incredible spirit, undeniable charm, and lasting impact on those around her will always live on.


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