Alexander’s Story

Alexander’s fiancée was the first to notice his seizures. A Class A truck driver, he came home one day unaware of his surroundings and not making sense. His doctor assumed exhaustion and prescribed time off of work. Alexander went back to work, only to have his symptoms reoccur. After a 48-hour EEG, he was diagnosed with epilepsy at 26 years old – one day before his wedding.

With his wife’s support, he was determined to regain his health. He made major lifestyle changes, including adopting the ketogenic diet, regular exercise, and healthy sleep habits. Although he still struggles with epilepsy, his seizures are less frequent and smaller. He did have a major seizure the day of his daughter’s birth, but he continues  to diligently manage his health for both himself and his family.

“I have not given up hope that they will find a cure for epilepsy. I want you to know that because you have epilepsy, your life is not over. You can have a normal life, and you are not alone in this.”