Episode #64 - A Mother’s Determination: Advocating for Your Child’s Epilepsy Care featuring Elissa Moore

Seizing Life > A Mother’s Determination: Advocating for Your Child’s Epilepsy Care

It’s a parent’s worst fear: Your child is suddenly stricken with a serious, debilitating chronic illness. You go to the hospital, listen to physicians and specialists, and follow the path they set out for your child’s treatment … but there’s no improvement. In fact, the situation worsens. Frustration increases and becomes desperation. You’re not a doctor, but you know your child better than anyone. When and how do you push back against medical professionals? Where do you go for information, and how do you access the best care for your child?

On this week’s Seizing Life, we speak with Elissa Moore about her journey to get effective treatment for her son Cormac when he experienced a sudden and explosive onset of seizures at age nine. Elissa recounts their journey to a diagnosis and details the challenges they encountered in pursuit of the right treatment for Cormac’s epilepsy. She talks frankly about the debilitating physical and mental side effects of medication and her increasing frustration with the healthcare system. Elissa also offers advice for parents and caregivers who find themselves in similar circumstances and advocates for better epilepsy awareness and training within the medical system.

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    A Mother’s Determination: Advocating for Your Child’s Epilepsy Care - Transcript

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