Episode #65 - Finding Balance: Managing Epilepsy and Work featuring Lauren Panco

Seizing Life > Finding Balance: Managing Epilepsy and Work

For many people, their 20’s are an exciting time of personal and professional growth.  It may be the first time you’re on your own, beginning a career and making new friends. Your world is a mix of social activities and work responsibilities. You are young, ambitious, and in the prime of your life.  Then, out of nowhere, you have a seizure, and find yourself navigating a new world of doctors, neurologists, tests, and medications in an effort to balance epilepsy with your busy life.

Lauren Panco was 26 years old, in the midst of a promising career with a fast-growing company, engaged to be married, and enjoying a busy professional and social lifestyle when she suddenly suffered a seizure. On this week’s Seizing Life®, Lauren, now 32, discusses the disturbing initial diagnosis she received, her concerns about the impact of epilepsy on her career, and how she has navigated workplace challenges with a determination not to allow epilepsy to define her. Lauren also offers advice for communicating with employers and co-workers and making the decision to have a baby as a woman with epilepsy.

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    Finding Balance: Managing Epilepsy and Work