Episode #72 - Funding Epilepsy Research: How CURE Epilepsy Advances Science to Find a Cure featuring Beth Dean

Seizing Life > Funding Epilepsy Research: How CURE Epilepsy Advances Science to Find a Cure

If you have listened to the Seizing Life podcast you know that it’s produced by CURE Epilepsy. But do you know what CURE Epilepsy, the organization, actually does? Are you aware of its mission and how it funds epilepsy research to help accelerate science and find a cure?

Today on Seizing life, we welcome CURE Epilepsy CEO Beth Dean to the podcast. Beth explains how the organization funds research, taking us through the process of reviewing scientific ideas, and clarifies how the organization’s approach allows researchers the opportunity to test and advance promising data that may be considered a little “risky”. She also explains how and why the organization remains “patient-focused”, and why CURE Epilepsy’s role is crucial to advancing epilepsy research. Additionally, Beth answers questions submitted by podcast listeners and discusses what areas of epilepsy research are further along in finding cures. If you’ve ever wondered who CURE Epilepsy is, what the organization does, and why research is crucial to improving the lives of people with epilepsy, this is the episode for you.

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    Funding Epilepsy Research: How CURE Epilepsy advances science to find a cure

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