Episode #17 - My Condition Isn’t Generic: Why Changes to Insurance Coverage Matter featuring Joanne Guthrie-Gard

Seizing Life > My Condition Isn’t Generic: Why Changes to Insurance Coverage Matter

When it comes to epilepsy and other chronic conditions, generic versions of brand name treatments don’t always provide the same relief or can result in major side effects. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes switch an individual’s prescription, including seizure medications, without a doctor’s recommendation in an effort to maintain cost effectiveness. This switch can happen at any point in the year, leaving individuals who are locked into their insurance plans with few options.

In this episode of Seizing Life, learn from Joanne Guthrie-Gard how to advocate for yourself or your child when facing an insurance-initiated switch of epilepsy drugs. A vocal epilepsy advocate, Joanne was instrumental in getting legislation passed in Illinois to prohibit insurance companies from changing the terms of prescription drug coverage in the middle of the year.

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