Episode #49 - Seizing Life Highlights: Epilepsy Surgery featuring Dr. Joffre Olaya, Dr. Jeffrey Loeb and Howard Zwirn


Brain surgery for epilepsy can reduce how many seizures a person has and, in some cases, even leave them seizure-free. But the invasive and intimidating nature of this treatment option can cause eligible individuals to delay making the choice to have surgery or reject the procedure outright.

On this episode of Seizing Life, we’ve compiled insights from patients and doctors alike to explore and demystify brain surgery for epilepsy. You’ll learn about the extensive testing involved in localizing a person’s seizures, how they determine if someone is a candidate, and why some areas of the brain are surgical targets while others are not. In addition, you’ll hear how one man made the difficult choice to have epilepsy surgery right before the birth of his first child.

Our guests featured in this episode are Howard Zwirn, Chair of the Chicago Epilepsy Foundation, Dr. Joffre Olaya, pediatric neurosurgeon at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, and CURE-grantee Dr. Jeffery Loeb, head of the Neurology and Rehabilitation Department at University of Illinois at Chicago.

Explore research and technological advancements in the field of epilepsy surgery in a webinar presented by Dr. Kate Davis of the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to providing great insight into this topic, Dr. Davis addresses live audience questions. Watch now.

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