Episode #97 - Seizure Dogs: Predicting Seizures and Providing Comfort featuring Jessa Kenworthy

Seizing Life > Seizure Dogs: Predicting Seizures and Providing Comfort

This week on Seizing Life® we talk seizure alert dogs with Jessa Kenworthy, Training Director at 4 Paws for Ability, a breeding, training, and placement organization for service dogs. Jessa provides everything you always wanted to know about seizure alert dogs, from the type of breeds that are best suited to being seizure dogs and why, to how the dogs are trained and what they can provide for those with epilepsy and their families, to how, when, and where families can apply for a dog.

Jessa shares how these incredible dogs are able to predict oncoming seizures before they occur and how far in advance they can predict seizures. Additionally, we meet Sniffles, a seizure alert dog in training! If you’ve ever considered getting a seizure alert dog, are planning to get one, or have always wondered how seizure alert dogs do what they do, then this is the episode for you!

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    Seizure Dogs: Predicting Seizures and Providing Comfort

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