Episode #18 - VNS: A Small Device Making a Big Difference featuring Dr. Takijah Heard


A Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS) is a small device being used to improve the lives of eligible individuals impacted by epilepsy. The versions of the device discussed in this episode are inserted under the skin in an out-patient procedure. The VNS device acts like a pacemaker for the brain administering doses of electricity in an attempt to reduce, lessen the intensity, or eliminate seizures.

Join us as we discuss the VNS device, including patient eligibility, the surgical implant process, and possible side-effects of the device. Dr. Takijah Heard, Division Head of Pediatric Neurology at Northshore Neurological Institute, walks us through these topics and more in this episode of Seizing Life.

Research is key to developing life-saving devices like the VNS. Support vital research aimed at helping the over 30% of patients with epilepsy who do not respond to currently available medication by donating to CURE today.

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    VNS: A Small Device Making a Big Difference Transcript

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