Episode #20 - What to Expect When You’re Expecting…as a Woman with Epilepsy featuring Caroline McAteer

Seizing Life > What to Expect When You’re Expecting…as a Woman with Epilepsy

Women with epilepsy face unique challenges when it comes to having children, making family planning and preconception counseling an important part of the process. There are medical concerns, particularly relating to a woman’s antiepileptic drugs, which need to be addressed before, during, and after pregnancy.

In this episode of Seizing Life, mother Caroline McAteer speaks to her experience bringing her daughter Nora into the world. Caroline discusses how she approached the topic of pregnancy with her husband, her epileptologist, and her Ob/Gyn, as well as how she managed her epilepsy and medication changes throughout the process to reduce the risk of having seizures while pregnant.

Dive into the medical and research side of family planning with epilepsy by watching this free webinar recording presented by leading physician Dr. Elizabeth Gerard, Associate Professor of Neurology whose clinical practice focuses on the care of women with epilepsy at Northwestern University.

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    What to Expect When You’re Expecting...as a Woman with Epilepsy Transcript

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