Kelly Cervantes


Born in St. Louis, MO and raised in Omaha, NE, Kelly attended Northeastern University in Boston where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with concentrations in Organizational Communication and Public Speech. Following Boston, Kelly moved to New York City where she performed as a commercial, television and film actress. In 2010, Kelly was offered a position working for Riverpark, a Tom Colicchio restaurant, as an events assistant and quickly took over the department selling and coordinating in-house and catered events.

In the Spring of 2016, Kelly's daughter, Adelaide, was diagnosed with epilepsy and Kelly left her job to take over her full-time care. Since arriving in Chicago last fall, Kelly with her husband, Miguel Cervantes, spearheaded their My Shot at Epilepsy fundraising campaign and began a local and national media tour telling their story and raising awareness and money for CURE.

Kelly currently lives in Chicago, IL with her husband, Miguel and their children, Jackson and Adelaide. While this is a club she never wanted to be a part of, Kelly is determined to fight for a cure for her daughter alongside other CURE families.


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