HOPE4SUDEPHOPE4SUDEP is an ongoing initiative to honor the life of Cameron Benninghoven who passed away in 2009 from Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). Cameron’s family and friends have partnered with CURE Epilepsy to maximize their fundraising and awareness efforts. Your tax-deductible donation to CURE Epilepsy will be recognized as a contribution in memory of Cameron. Donations will be used for SUDEP and epilepsy research to investigate causes and prevention of seizures. We hope you will consider giving to HOPE4SUDEP.

We are fortunate to have attained our goal of raising $100,000 annually since the inception of our HOPE4SUDEP commitment to support a specific multi-year research grant in 2012.  We have continued each year through 2019.  Please take a moment to read about this research by Edward Glasscock, PhD (2012) and Kristina Simeone, PhD (2016). These grants take a deeper look into the mechanisms and triggers of SUDEP.

We continue our efforts now in 2021, with our goal again of $100,000 by year’s end. All donations in Cameron’s honor will be directed to research for SUDEP. We hope you will help in this lasting legacy to Cameron.


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