Episode #37 - EEG Testing: Its Critical Role in Epilepsy Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research featuring Dr. Jeffrey Loeb


An EEG, or an electroencephalogram, is an essential tool in diagnosing epilepsy. And the data EEG tests produce can go beyond diagnosis by providing vital information that impacts patient treatment decisions and may help researchers unlock some of the mysteries of epilepsy and point the way towards improved treatments.

On this episode of Seizing Life, CURE Post-Traumatic Epilepsy Initiative Grantee Dr. Jeffrey Loeb from the University of Illinois at Chicago explains how EEG data is used in diagnosing, treating, and researching epilepsy.

Check out our 2020 update on Dr. Loeb’s project and the work of our PTE initiative!

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    EEG Testing: Its Critical Role in Epilepsy Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research - Transcript

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