This unprecedented, multi-disciplinary program will devote significant resources over five years toward research which will benefit veterans who have been affected by TBI and resulting PTE. The goal of CURE’s new initiative is to establish a multi-center, multi-investigator research team that will rapidly translate patient-relevant findings at the molecular, cellular, and systems level into novel therapies to prevent the development of epilepsy from TBI. This ‘team science’ model will establish a foundation of knowledge regarding what types of injury increase risk to development of epilepsy and how it is best studied in the laboratory.

The key aims of the program are for thought leaders in the field to address questions with a peer-reviewed approach. An External Advisory Council also provides scientific and logistical oversight over the selected investigative team. As science drives the initiative, additional funds will be awarded to further the understanding of PTE.


If you are a veteran looking for resources related to Post-Traumatic Epilepsy, check out the Department of Veteran Affairs Epilepsy Centers of Excellence.

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In addition, the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center has resources for those in the military, as well as those impacted by TBI and their loved ones and medical providers.

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