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March 22, 2023

#112 From Desperation to Hope: The Founding and Future of CURE Epilepsy

Guest: Susan Axelrod and Barbara Kelly

This week on Seizing Life Susan Axelrod, CURE Epilepsy founder, and Barbara Kelly, the founding Research Chair, discuss the past, present, and future of the organization and epilepsy research.

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Epilepsy ResearchLiving with Epilepsy
November 16, 2022

#103 The Impact of Epilepsy and Seizures on Cognition and Memory

Guest: Dr. Alice Lam

This week on Seizing Life® we speak with neurologist Dr. Alice Lam about the potential impacts of seizures on cognition and memory. We discuss both the possible short-term and long-term effects of epilepsy on cognition and memory, and the differering ways that seizures may impact children, adults, and aging adults.

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Living with EpilepsyTypes of Epilepsy
November 2, 2022

#102 A Marine Explains the Value of Receiving An Accurate Epilepsy Diagnosis A Decade Late

Guest: Jack Somers

This week on Seizing Life® former Marine Captain Jack Somers shares his long and sometimes frustrating  journey to an epilepsy diagnosis, after living for more than a decade with a diagnosis of “generalized seizure disorder".

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Epilepsy and AdvocacyFamily
October 19, 2022

#101 Remembering a Brother Lost to SUDEP and Finding Hope in Community

Guest: Hannah Whitten

CURE Epilepsy Board Member Hannah Whitten shares her experiences growing up with a brother with epilepsy and the tragedy of losing him to SUDEP.

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Epilepsy and AdvocacyLiving with Epilepsy
October 5, 2022

#100 Celebrating 100 episodes: Community, Impact, and Hope

Guest: David Axelrod

Guest host David Axelrod interviews Seizing Life host Kelly Cervantes about turning her epilepsy experience into advocacy, hope, and scientific advances.

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HealthcareLiving with Epilepsy
September 21, 2022

#99 Working to Overcome Disparities in Epilepsy Care in the Hispanic Community

Guest: Dr. Refugio Sepulveda

This week we talk to Dr. Refugio Sepulveda about challenges faced by the Hispanic community in accessing quality epilepsy care and learn about a program aimed at addressing these issues.

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Epilepsy and AdvocacyLiving with Epilepsy
September 7, 2022

#98 Medical Cannabis: A Life Changing Journey for Mother and Son

Guest: Sarah O'Hanlon

This week we look at medical cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy with Sarah O’Hanlon. Sarah shares her journey to find relief for her son's seizures from Colorado to advocacy to a master’s in medical cannabis.

featured episode
FamilyLiving with Epilepsy
August 24, 2022

#97 Seizure Dogs: Predicting Seizures and Providing Comfort

Guest: Jessa Kenworthy

This week on Seizing Life® we talk seizure alert dogs. Jessa Kenworthy of 4 Paws for Ability provides everything you always wanted to know about seizure alert dogs and how they serve those living with epilepsy.

featured episode
FamilyLiving with Epilepsy
August 10, 2022

#96 Determination and New Technology Lead to Successful Epilepsy Surgery

Guest: Kate Neale Cooper

This week epilepsy advocate and mother Kate Neale Cooper explains how a new diagnostic tool enabled doctors to localize her daughter's seizures after 16-years and ultimately perform successful epilepsy surgery.

featured episode
Epilepsy and AdvocacyLiving with Epilepsy
July 27, 2022

#95 Growing Up with Epilepsy Leads to Making Movies About It

Guest: Miles Levin

Filmmaker Miles Levin discusses growing-up with epilepsy and turning his experiences into the award-winning short film “Under the Lights”.

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